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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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The SpaceX logo is displayed on a building.
The SpaceX logo is displayed on a building.

A federal judge in Texas agreed with Elon Musk's SpaceX that the National Labor Relations Board likely violates the Constitution — a decision which could gut the country's top labor watchdog amid a broader conservative push to weaken federal regulators.

With a general election infused with fresh drama, the fight for congressional and Senate seats becomes even more crucial as Michigan voters clarify who they want on the ballot in November.

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Jerry Jones arrives at a courthouse in Texarkana, Texas.

Both parties agreed to drop litigation against each other, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will get to duck a paternity test ordered by a judge.

Jerry Jones arrives at a courthouse in Texarkana, Texas.

The Department of Health and Human Services had sought to address a wage disparity among hospitals — and ran afoul of Congress-approved reimbursement formulas to do so.

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Officer points gun at woman in kitchen

"The repeated murders of unarmed Black people across the country is sickening and emotionally traumatizing," state Senator Robert Peters said. "Sonya Massey is dead because she called 911 for help. Our communities deserve better."


Google beat privacy claims brought by a dozen citizens who argued in California federal court that its pixel tracking tech intercepted their private health care info. Google was clear in warning health care providers not to use the tech inappropriately and the patients’ claims are too vague to survive; they sued only Google, not the health care firm that improperly used the software.

Pharmaceutical companies in Mississippi failed to secure a preliminary injunction in federal court against the state’s Defending Affordable Prescription Drug Costs Act, which requires manufacturers participating in Medicare and Medicaid Part B to deliver drugs sold through the discounted federal Section 340B program to certain contract pharmacies. They say this explodes their responsibilities, but they couldn’t show the court they are likely to win on the merits.

A federal court in Louisiana ruled against the former police chief of Lafayette, a Black man who was fired after only 10 months of service. Several factors “doom” his claims: He could not show discriminatory intent by “factions” that allegedly called him the “woke” “Black Lives Matter Chief,” and his successor as the leader of the 78% white, 22% Black police force is another Black man.

The Second Circuit affirmed a lower court’s decision to deny the claim of journalist’s privilege for some of the electronic devices seized from the homes of James O’Keefe, Eric Cochran and Spencer Meads, who were all involved with Project Veritas. Their claim to privilege went out the window when Aimee Harris and Robert Kurlander admitted to stealing the diary of Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, which was left behind in a Florida house. The cloak of confidentiality in offering the diary to Project Veritas for cash disappeared with the pair’s guilty plea.

A federal court in Texas denied a former sports bar boss’s motion for summary judgment after he was accused of forcing an employee into a sexual relationship and firing her for refusing to have sex with him. He says the relationship was consensual, but she documented some evidence of retaliation: she told her that if she felt discriminated against, she could hire a lawyer and “pay his retainer with [her] tits,” for example.

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The inflation rate in the European Union ticked down a notch, from 2.7% to 2.6% in June — much lower than the 6.4% felt in June 2023.

The Beastie Boys say that Chili's violated their copyright when it used their hit song "Sabotage" in advertisements that even lifted visual elements from the rap trio's music video without the band's consent.

A former victim witness advocate with the San Francisco District Attorney department — who mistakenly sent a email meant for a friend that said "what color are your panties?" to the whole office — claims the department invaded his privacy and defamed him to the press and others by exposing the incident.

Lululemon engaged in "greenwashing" when it falsely advertised that the athleisure brand has sustainable products and businesses practices, consumers say in a class action that claims the company is actually a major contributor of greenhouse gas and microplastic emissions.

Former Arkansas Governor and political commentator Mike Huckabee claims in a lawsuit that Meta allowed false ads to be published on Facebook that used his name and image to promote CBD gummies.

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